Humanity is in a climate crisis. But what can I do as a person or as a company? We can chill and wait , for others or the government to do something or tell us what to do. Or we take it in our own hands. Lets go further than carbon neutral and remove even more carbon from the atmosphere than we are putting in. Let’s be #netPositive.

It is simple.

Let’s avoid emissions. If we cannot do it right now, we can reduce emission, drive less, fly less, use less stuff . And we should also replace bad emissions with better emissions. And last but not least we can compensate emissions by retiring carbon credits — having others suck CO2 out of the air for example by reforestation. Also be aware that there are good and bad carbon credits. If someone uses only crappy carboncredits and does nothing else it is greenwashing. At Operal we make sure to use only high quality nature based solutions carbon credits. Whenever you play #ClimateCandy or whenever you download it we retire and compensate CO2. Check out the game here:

Let’s do it:Let us only look at transportation for now.

Claim -> scream #netPositive on social media

Measure -> look at your transportation footprint with a simple footprint calculator

Act -> this is the most important part avoid,reduce,replace and retire by buying (retiring) carbon credits.

report -> scream out your improvements with #netPositiveReport out in social media